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How do I put in and take out my instasmile?

Your instasmile is easy to put in and remove. To insert your veneers, first check that they are aligned correctly to fit over your natural teeth. Place the product over your teeth. Starting at the back, gently apply pressure until it clips into place. Do not force it.

Use both hands to remove your instasmile. Start at your canines (fangs) and begin to gently tease your veneers from side to side until they come loose. Once removed, do not twist or flex your instasmile, as this may damage them.

Remember that your instasmile is custom-made to your teeth and as such will only fit your mouth. If your veneers happen to become loose or you are finding them uncomfortable to wear, please contact us immediately. Do not cut or trim your veneers as this will void your warranty.