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Do I need to see a dentist?

No, you don’t need to see a dentist to get an instasmile. When you click ‘Get started’ we’ll let you know straight away if you are suitable for instasmile, and the self-impression kit means that you take the impressions of your own teeth from the comfort of your own home.

It is not required, but if you wish to you can also ask your own dentist to help take your impression. If you seek advice and guidance from your own dentist, you must use the trays and putty provided from instasmile only. Some other dental materials are not suitable for our manufacturing process and so cannot be used for instasmile impressions.

Excessive plaque or extreme tooth decay

If you suffer from excessive plaque or extreme tooth decay, or any other oral health issue that may affect your suitability, we would recommend seeing a dentist to address these issues before purchasing your instasmile. In this case, you would need to seek dental guidance to address these issues in order to qualify as suitable for an instasmile. For example, a buildup of plaque interferes with the impression process and means we can’t get an accurate impression of the contours of your teeth and gums. This would need to be removed by your dentist to allow you to take an accurate impression so we can manufacture your bespoke instasmile veneers.

If you have any queries or are unsure if whether you need dental advice, please contact our helpful support team who will be able to advise.